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Case Study

AllianceBlock: a B2B Pivot for a Fintech Giant

Find out how we streamlined, simplified, and applied the brand of a deep finance technology giant.



AllianceBlock is a leading provider of technical infrastructure in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. They have a strong reputation and institutional approval from the London Stock Exchange, Crunchbase, and top blockchain protocols. Despite their success, AllianceBlock struggled to communicate its complex range of products and technology to its clients and investor community.


The brand message was tweaked to prioritize the B2B target audience that can actually use AllianceBlock's products. Conversations with AllianceBlock's business development team revealed that the end-to-end infarstructure angle resonated well with clients and prospects. The main focus quickly became helping prospects and clients grasp the business value of the tokenization infrastructure. The brand also emphasized the ongoing relationship between AllianceBlock and projects usings its key components (issuance, performance, liquidity, compliance). This service flow allowed the target audiences to understand the full extent of AllianceBlock's technology from the get-go.

The website was redesigned to reinforce the end-to-end coverage of AllianceBlock's technology and its adaptability to different use cases.  The new portal offered specific user journeys based on the size of the target audience (enterprise, startup, developer). Each journey provided relevant documentation, products, use cases, and successful case studies. A dedicated community section was added to cater to the needs and information requirements of AllianceBlock’s community of investors.

The brand message and its many components were simplified and unified at the content level. Messaging and business value were streamlined to help audiences understand the overall infrastructure and the benefits it offered. This approach started to support business development and strengthened AllianceBlock's value proposition. Messaging related to progress updates and community engagement was streamlined to meet the needs of retail investors.



The adoption of the new vision for infrastructure in decentralized markets enabled AllianceBlock to introduce new products under this umbrella and onboard new clients successfully. Notably,  they recently launched a new art and exclusive collectible investment platform Arkefi, with a Zurich-based art investment company, Artbanx.

By strategically adjusting its brand message, website, and content, AllianceBlock overcame challenges in business development and marketing, reached a broader audience, and established itself as a top provider of technical infrastructure in decentralized finance. Even during a bear market, the AllianceBlock community and userbase kept growing, showing a positive sentiment among its members and the larger ecosystem.

Following a hack that necessitated token replacements, AllianceBlock regained the trust of its investors, and the number of token holders recovered before the security breach in less than six months. This showed a continued trust of the investor community, despite a strong B2B pivot of the brand itself. 





Crafting a cohesive narrative that supports business developmen can be hard. AllianceBlock's first challenge was to create a clear and unified story that effectively communicated its diverse products and technology. This narrative also needed help in showing the user journey through its various solutions, supporting AllianceBlock’s business development push.

Addressing different types of followers can get confusing. AllianceBlock had to manage multiple audiences, including institutions and startups being onboarded to their technology, as well as maintaining community engagement and satisfaction. This meant the message often got diluted in the process.

Simplifying messaging for all audiences is easier said than done, when communicating deep tech. The messaging around AllianceBlock's technical vision and offerings was complex and hard to understand for its followers, including busy business owners and retail investors. The challenge was to provide clear and concise information that could be easily grasped.

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