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Case Study

Bleech: Flip the Script With a Veteran Agency

Find out how we turned a web development agency into a brand of exclusive WordPress consultants.



Bleech is a WordPress development agency with over ten years of experience and an impressive roster of clients – Mercedes Benz, Native Instruments, as well as the German logistical manufacturing giant, Beumer Group.

They are also a prime example of how your brand might be sitting on a goldmine of unused potential that can skyrocket your business to a whole new level.


We went to work on understanding Bleech’s unique landscape by gathering insights from their team, past clients, and main competitors. We soon discovered two findings that would be the cornerstones of the entire rebrand. 

For starters, the dream clients that Bleech needed to win over had a real need for long-term technical partners that go beyond website development. Companies like Mercedes Benz or Beumer Group, it turned out, didn’t care about the websites themselves. Instead, they cared about how the website continues to perform after it goes live and how it adds to their bottom line.

Another thing we discovered was that Bleech had all the potential, expertise, and social proof to be the technical partner that their dream audience needed. Using these two findings as the foundation for our brand positioning, we went to work at applying it in places where it mattered the most.

We came up with new messaging for Bleech, which positioned them as WordPress consultants who are primarily focused on helping their client’s businesses win with WordPress. Based on this strategy, we created a new, clean visual identity that communicates trust, professionalism, and technical expertise. 

With that out of the way, we worked on a new portal for the Bleech brand that includes all the information, messaging, and content that their dream audience needs to see Bleech as their dream technical partner. This included trust builders like case studies, educational content, or testimonials. 

A new service spread was also developed based on the positioning that communicates the longevity of the relationship. It started from consultation, all the way to website development and performance packages. The website and brand strategy were translated into German as an option for Bleech's DACH-based clients.



The new brand positioning contributed to an increase in client retention and AVL, as well as an increase in inquiries looking for consultancy services.

A new professional brand and portal that positions Bleech as an experienced, WordPress consultant, primarily for long-term, high-value clients.

The entire Bleech team was onboarded to the new strategy and became part of the team culture, inspiring unexpected new initiatives like the Bleech podcast.





Bleech’s long-term goals were changing, along with their industry. Web development alone didn’t cut it anymore, especially with the rise of cheap overseas competition and no-code web development platforms like Squarespace, or Webflow. 

Bleech needed to become something more established to justify the high-ticket projects that its business depended on.

Bleech had a great reputation, but their dream clients usually didn’t re-sign for support or maintenance packages that were becoming essential to Bleech’s business model. 

The agency needed to start attracting high-value clients that want to build partnerships that last years, not weeks.

Bleech’s own website, brand, content, and even the team themselves didn’t properly communicate their expertise, personality, and capabilities to the clients and prospects they needed to win over.

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