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Case Study

ETM: Brand Experience for a Sold-Out Event

How do you impress the “who's who” of Amsterdam’s green tech industry? Give them a brand experience they will never forget.



Discover how we helped ETM Amsterdam evolve from a global energy sustainability brand into a thriving local professional community, eventually rebranding it completely into The Climate Lab.


Creating a Local-Global Bond: We introduced a subbrand, ‘ETM Amsterdam,’ bridging the local event and the global brand. This involved creating a distinct logo that established a connection between the local gathering and the overarching global identity. We also crafted a value proposition inspired by speaking to a number of local professionals in the scene. Our strategic messaging, influenced by insights from industry leaders, underscored an inclusive brand narrative, underlined by messaging like ‘Local Network, Global Impact,’ or ‘Discovering the Future of Energy, Together.’

Making a Splash with the First Event: Our brand and messaging strategy resulted in a successful, sold-out first event right in the center of Amsterdam, with multiple speakers from some of the country’s top startups, energy giants, and academic institutions.

Transitioning to Comprehensive Networking: Building on the momentum of the initial event, we moved to the final goal – to expand the focus of the brand to include different disciplines inside climate technology. We decided to rebrand to The Climate Lab, retaining the visual branding details of ETM Amsterdam to keep a sense of familiarity in our community.



Successful First Event: The first event sold out with more than 80 attendees, and featured speakers from startups, the University of Amsterdam, energy giants Eneco, and a number of top energy startups.

Continued Success:  Through focused branding and strategic communication, we played a pivotal role in turning ETM Amsterdam into The Climate Lab—a dynamic network driving climate technology collaboration.

Cross-Industry Collaboration: The rebranding marked a turning point, enabling The Climate Lab to host various successful events across sustainability sectors to this day.





Local Unfamiliarity: Energy Tech Meetup (ETM), a Tokyo-based event series, aimed to establish its energy network in the Netherlands. Despite global recognition, ETM was not known in the Netherlands, which made it hard to build a professional community.

Inaugural Event Excellence: The Amsterdam-based ETM team wanted to make a big splash with an ambitious event for energy professionals and major companies, right in the center of Amsterdam.

Broadening Brand Scope: If the event went well, they wanted to build on the momentum of the ETM brand and expand it beyond energy sustainability to foster collaboration in climate technology.

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